Who we are

STOXX produces fabrics, supplies stock fabrics, handknitting yarns and accessories from Prato, Italy.

Stoxx was born as a project already in 1993: there must be a client or a supplier on the other side of the world and maybe we need each other.

At the beginning it was difficult being on the internet… almost alone! But day by day, year by year has been easier to reach and be reached over the internet.

So many years passed and I believe even more that somewhere in the world there’s someone who’s looking for something I have. Every single day spent in keep us closer is one day spent well!

Now in present time Stoxx is consolidated like a worldwide known exporter from Italy.

Our products are all granted first quality since they are clearance, overproduction and foreclosures from italian companies of the fashion world.

We export goods in 50 different Countries from basic weaving yarns to fancy italian fabrics (the real core business of stoxx) to hiperluxury apparel, submitting to our market about 1.000 different products every year, almost all of them are Euro 1 or preferential origin enabled.

In this website now you can find a big and daily-growing selection of our products: this powerful instrument is useful and easy to use for every one.


Following the experience of STOXX, year by year we created new fabrics to replace the sold out stocks, in a couple of seasons we set a collection of fabrics, DAVINCI, where to find the most classic italian fabrics. 


Some of the developments that were created as consequence of STOXX were different to those who took part of DAVINCI collection. It was the right moment to create a new wide collection: printedfabrics.it started officially as a self standing collection in 2013, including more than one hundred of different base fabrics ready to be printed in any design or dyed in any customer’s color. 

VISIT printedfabrics WEBSITE

But still, there was a part of the market which was still looking for a class of product:

  • classic but not common,
  • available but not as a stock,
  • ready at any time in any quantity

so we did it: it was the time to create a collection of made in Italy fabrics ready in stock service, it was the time for the PRONTO collection!


When the pandemic arrived, we all were forced to lockdown and freeze our activity. But during those weeks at home a lot of new fashion designers started to create their own project anywhere in the world. We feel that we were already one step ahead, being able to deliver samples anywhere at any time: in 2018 we starter to promote the starterkit: a set including hundreds of samples of all the fabrics we are ready to deliver. Every day somebody in the 5 continents orders and receives a full set of bases to start a new collection.


Well, this is our story until today, more news are coming soon and if you want to know what’s up tomorrow…


Our fabric range includes knitted fabric, Chiffon, Creponne, Crepe, Damask, Drap, Plush, Felt, Sequin, Mesh, Lining, Moleskin, Gabardine, Georgette, Goblin, Denim, Jeans, Jersey, Jaquard, Organza, Ecologic Fur, Fleece, Lace, Chanel, Poplin, Pilor, Sateen, Satin, Fleck, Tweed, Taffeta, Stretch, Comfort, Elastic, Drill, Twill, Tulle, Velvet, Velour, Voile, Chanel, designed in Devore, laser carved, printed, floral, space dyed, double side, stripe, bars, Herringbone, Donegal, Windowpane, Knickerbocker, Pied de poule, Tartan, Glenn, Checks, Tattersall, Natte, Stoia, Pinstripe for trousers, dress, jacket, pajama, skirt, shirt, sweater, vest, coat, blazer, socks, underwear, outerwear with Vintage, soft touch, luxury, fashion, Crinkle, Leisure Texture.

Handknitting yarn are in Carded, Combed, Worsted, Twisted, Boucle, Roving, Shine, Wool, Organic, Cotton, Paillette, Jute, Tasmania, Linen, Lycra, knit, Ribbon, Lurex, Polyester, Silk, Shantung, Slub, Melange, Alpaca, Camel, Cashmere, Acrylic, Acetate, Hemp, Nylon, Polyammide, Viscose available on cone, hank and ball or gomitoli, then there are knitting yarns and weaving threads, accessories like scarves, gloves, hats and many, many more!

Stoxx is also available on instagram.com/printedfabrics

Thank you for your virtual visit at STOXX ! ! ! If you want to visit us, let’s book an appointment.

Alessandro Vannini